SAP solutions on Azure

Deploy SAP solutions for development, testing and production process in Azure

How to run the SAP solutions you already use on Azure?

SAP on Azure, helps you to optimize your enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud with wide range of security features, reliability and scalable SAP-certified infrastructure of Azure.

From small to big:

Run your largest SAP HANA workloads on SAP certified VMs on Azure. CodeSizzler handles transaction and analytics in-memory on a single data copy to accelerate your business processes, gain business intelligence and simplify your IT environment.

SAP HANA on Azure offers:

  • On-demand M-series virtual machines certified for SAP HANA with scale up to 4 TB.
  • Up to 12 TB memory with Mv2 VMs, the largest certified SAP HANA VMs in the public cloud.
  • Purpose-built SAP HANA instances that scale up to 20 TB on a single node also supporting persistent memory.
  • Ability to scale out SAP HANA capabilities up to 60 TB with TDIv4, and up to 120 TB with TDIv5 authorization.
  • A 99.99 percent service-level agreement for large instances in a high-availability pair and a 99.9 percent SLA for a single SAP HANA large instance.

SAP Cloud Strategy

CodeSizzler works with organizations to define their enterprise-wide cloud strategy and design the optimal architecture for their SAP applications. Prior to migration, CodeSizzler performs an in-depth analysis of the current IT infrastructure, specifically looking through business, technological, and operational aspects to determine the best adoption path. During the process, CodeSizzler evaluates the infrastructure based on their analysis and demonstrates the business case and recommended roadmap to complete the adoption process.


Don't let high Infrastructure costs burden your growth.

High hardware costs often prevent organizations from leveraging SAP updates quickly and efficiently. By adopting SAP on Cloud, organizations are no longer constrained by the amount of hardware they can afford and maintain. CodeSizzler ensures a quick and seamless deployment, and helps develop an architecture that empowers organizations to optimize their environment and reduce infrastructure costs. Organizations leverage the flexibility of Cloud to gain business agility, and CodeSizzler has the tools that will help organizations accelerate their digital transformation using SAP on Cloud.

Simplify your migration journey to the cloud

  • Prepare
  • Migrate
  • Run
  • Innovate
Work with experts to discover and assess your SAP estate and map it to your vision.
Use tools such as SAP deployment automation framework to bring your plans to life.
Optimize your landscapes using services such as Azure Backup for SAP HANA and Azure Monitor for SAP.

Apply Azure data services to get immediate business insights and to invent new customer experiences.