Real time analytics for the fast movers!

Ingest on-premises or cloud data for analysis

  • Streamline your data architecture to attain more operational value from your modern analytics solution
  • Set up real-time data pipelines to create an operational data store within the Azure Synapse Analytics and offload operational reporting
  • Avoid batch ETL related inefficiencies using non-intrusive CDC combined with in-flight data processing,
  • Update traditional ETL processes with streaming data integration to fully benefit from cloud-based analytics

Transform and aggregate your data for interactive analysis

  • Use real-time analysis, preparation and delivery into Azure Databricks, HDInsight, and Cosmos DB to support advanced analytics
  • Deliver real-time data continuously into Azure Storage (ADLS, Blob, ADLS Gen 2) from on-premise apps
  • Process data-in-motion to speed time-to-insight and minimize latency, while reducing on-premise ETL efforts
  • For long-running, Spark-based transformations, use CodeSizzler with Azure Databricks

Fast Messaging

Reconstruct your business with azure in the major fields like retail, manufacturing, government, finance and health care.

CodeSizzler offers a secure, reliable, and scalable service, running in the Azure Cloud, for real-time collection, preparation, and delivery of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data into Azure Storage. It supports major databases with non-intrusive CDC capabilities including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and MongoDB
While the data is streaming, we perform in-flight filtering, transformation, masking, aggregation, and enrichment before delivering to Azure Storage. With in-memory stream processing, it enables customers to store the data in the right format without inefficient batch ETL cycles and accelerates access to processed data. We follow the below steps to reach the goal of the company at stipulated time.


Impacting Industries

  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Hi-Tech
  • Government
Analyze all of the available data about customers and transactions to optimize offers and cross sell opportunities, identify and mitigate fraud, and manage cyber threats
Identify social programme frauds within seconds based on program history, citizen profile and geo-spatial data.

Setup a digital geo-fence around your brick and mortar locations to push in-store incentives to shoppers in real time.

Identify unique individuals across any type of device, browser or app and use a holistic behavioral model to advertise to them.

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