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Mastering Azure Virtual Machines

Posted by Kishore Chowdary on October 4, 2018
Category: Blog
Checkout the video tutorial on deploying Windows and Linux virtual machines in Azure to host workloads in the same.
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This year’s Ignite conference has unveiled Azure Deployment Manager (ADM) for preview. A new set of features for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) that greatly expand your deployment capabilities.If you have tens of resources split over a bunch of resource groups and regions? Hundreds? Thousands? How they work together, and how they can be deployed and updated in a safe, scalable fashion? If you have a complex service that needs to be deployed to several regions, if you’d like
The company plans to introduce SQL Server 2019 this week in Orlando, and it will also extend a key capability of its newest cloud database — Cosmos DB — to all Azure customers. It will also make it easier for users of its Azure SQL cloud database to automatically scale their needs as their applications grow or change. SQL Server has been around since 1989, and the newest version is designed for customers who are managing their