Mastering Azure Virtual Machines

Posted by Kishore Chowdary on October 4, 2018
Category: Blog
Checkout the video tutorial on deploying Windows and Linux virtual machines in Azure to host workloads in the same.
Join us for Azure Vidyapeeth Webinar on Oct 5,2018. (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM) – On How to CONTAINERISE YOUR APPLICATIONS ON CONTAINER SERVICES Follow the link to register –
Microsoft Azure has brought up a new update in their disk types for Virtual Machine service. They are offering a new disk type called Standard SSD. Previously there were only two disk types for virtual machines named as SSD and HDD.  Following is a summary comparing Azure Disk types: Disk Type Premium SSD new Standard SSD Standard HDD Summary Designed for IO intensive enterprise workloads. Delivers consistent performance with low latency and high availability. Designed to provide consistent performance
An Intersting session with TIETO Pune on Developing Azure Solutions 70-532
Consulted Associates of Microsoft Hyderabad on Azure SQL Data Warehouse. It was an interesting session with many folks with years of experience in the database part.