Introduction In this article, we are going to learn how to Implement and manage a storage account in Azure Portal. Manage and secure storage account using Shared Access Signature (SAS). You can monitor the storage account in Azure by configuring alerts and metrics, Activity Log. Store a cached content on
Access Management is an important factor to ensure who is accessing a resource on Azure, you can create a resource and you can assign permission based on the assignment level or policies that you have endorsed towards a user or group on Azure. This will help you to restrict people
Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources – Implementing governance and compliance with Azure initiatives and resource locks Implementing Azure tags by using Azure policies and initiatives: Step 1-Provision Azure Resource by using Azure Resource Manager Template Login to your Azure account with Azure Portal using In Azure Portal click on
Configuring delegation of provisioning and management of Azure resources by using built-in Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) roles and built-in Azure policies Step 1-Creating Azure AD users and groups: Login to Azure Portal using a Microsoft account that has the Owner role in the Azure subscription you intend to use
Ever imagined how organizations that have their market across the globe make their websites or applications to respond very quickly for the user requests without any latency even if they are pinging from different geographical regions? Here is an article that helps you to know how you can make use