Microsoft Azure – We provide training on the basis of certification in Azure. It also includes deployment of applications with Azure in the back-end. We Code$izzler being a Microsoft vendor partner, have started our journey with Azure and now we are with a bunch of technologies that we consult.

Amazon Web Services – Code$izzler consults corporate for certification of the AWS platform as well. This includes the concepts like security, cloud services, IAAS, SAAS and PAAS. We do gold a good repository for the hands-on labs for AWS.

Google Cloud Platform – We do provide training on GCP. It also includes certification in the cloud platform og Google. The modules like cloud console, cloud storage, virtual machines, IAM and many other technologies related to AI with a hands-on experience with these will be given.

Machine Learning – Azure ML studio is the one in which our core team is completely involved in implementing Machine Learning models. Our experts can make even a blank person to understand the concepts of Machine Learning and deploy data sets in them.

Universal Windows Platform – Application development for the universal windows platform is also trained by us. We have different labs that can give a clear picture about developing applications that can be connected with Microsoft Azure and installed in the IoT devices.

Internet of Things – We have deployed many IoT models and also consulted corporate about the usage of the concept of IoT with Microsoft Azure. Various automation models are developed by experts which we mostly use as a set of physical demos for our clients.

Xamarin – Cross platform application development is an easy way for developing applications for multiple platforms in a short span of time. Xamarin is one of the cross platform application development tool. We do provide training in Xamarin application development.

Dynamics CRM – Not only with the technical part, but we have experts in our team who are capable of providing training on Customer Relationship Management.