Attaching a managed data disk to Windows Virtual Machine


In this article, we are going to discuss attaching a managed data disk to Windows Virtual Machine. You can attach a number of data disks depending on the size of your Virtual Machine. To attach a managed data disk to your Virtual Machine, follow the steps given below.

Technical requirements

To go with this article user should need a valid Azure Subscription and some knowledge on

  • Virtual Machine
  • Data Disk

Adding a data disk

  • Log in with your Azure account in Azure Portal using
  • In Azure Portal navigate to Virtual Machine panel that appears on the left side menu.
  • Select a Virtual Machine from your list.


  • Navigate to the Virtual Machine page and click on Disks and select Add Data Disk.


  • Select Create Disk from drop down option.


  • In create disk panel name your disk as DemoDisk and leave the rest of settings to default then click on create.


  • After the process completion navigate to Disk panel and click on save.


  • Now you can notice that the created disk is listed.

Initializing the new data disk

  • Navigate to the overview page of Virtual Machine and click on connect.


  • Connect to the Virtual Machine by downloading the RDP file and providing the respective credentials.
  • After entering the Virtual Machine navigate to the Disk Management page by searching in the start menu.


  • A pop-up window will appear for the disk initialization click on OK to initialize it.


  • Identify the disk created by you. It will appear as unallocated.
  • Right-click anywhere and select the simple volume option from the drop-down.


  • In the simple new volume, wizard panel, proceed through keeping all the setting to default and complete. A pop-up window will appear which notify you to format the disk. After the process completes click on ok.


  • Close the disk management.