Update in Azure Virtual Machine Disk Types

Microsoft Azure has brought up a new update in their disk types for Virtual Machine service. They are offering a new disk type called Standard SSD. Previously there were only two disk types for virtual machines named as SSD and HDD. 

Following is a summary comparing Azure Disk types:

Disk Type

Premium SSD

new Standard SSD

Standard HDD


Designed for IO intensive enterprise workloads. Delivers consistent performance with low latency and high availability. Designed to provide consistent performance for low IOPS workloads. Delivers better availability and latency compared to HDD Disks. Optimized for low-cost mass storage with infrequent access. Can exhibit some variability in performance.


Demanding enterprise workloads such as SQL Server, Oracle, Dynamics, Exchange Server, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, SAP Business Suite and other production workloads Web servers, low IOPS application servers, lightly used enterprise applications and Dev/Test Backup storage


7,500 IOPS provisioned Up to 500 IOPS Up to 500 IOPS

Max Throughput

250 MBPS provisioned Up to 60 MBPS Up to 60 MBPS


Will catch you up with another new crispy update. 🙂