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AZ 120: Lab prerequisites

vCPU core requirements

While the vCPU requirements for the first three labs of this course are lower, we recommend that you request increase of quotas to satisfy requirements for all of the labs, since the process of increasing quotas might take some time (even though quota increase requests are typically completed during the same business day).

Before the hands-on lab

Timeframe: 120 minutes

Task 1: Validate sufficient number of vCPU cores

  1. In the Azure portal at,
  2. In the Azure Portal, start a PowerShell session in Cloud Shell.

    Note: If this is the first time you are launching Cloud Shell in the current Azure subscription, you will be asked to create an Azure file share to persist Cloud Shell files. If so, accept the defaults, which will result in creation of a storage account in an automatically generated resource group.

  3. In the Azure portal, in the Cloud Shell pane, at the PowerShell prompt, run the following: where <Azure_region> designates the target Azure region that you intend to use for this lab (e.g. eastus):
    Get-AzVMUsage -Location '<Azure_region>' | Where-Object {$_.Name.Value -eq 'StandardDSv3Family'}
    Get-AzVMUsage -Location '<Azure_region>' | Where-Object {$_.Name.Value -eq 'StandardDSv2Family'}

    Note: To identify the names of Azure regions, in the Cloud Shell, at the Bash prompt, run (Get-AzLocation).Location

  4. Review the current value and the limit entries in the output of the commands executed in the previous step and ensure that you have sufficient number of vCPUs in the target Azure region.
  5. If the number of vCPUs is not sufficient, in the Azure portal, navigate back to the subscription blade, and click Usage + quotas.
  6. On the subscription’s Usage + quotas blade, click Request Increase.
  7. On the Basic blade, specify the following and click Next:
    • Issue type: Service and subscription limits (quotas)
    • Subscription: the name of the Azure subscription you will be using in this lab
    • Quota type: Compute/VM (cores/vCPUs) subscription limit increases
  8. On the Details blade, click the Provide details blade.
  9. On the Quota details blade, specify the following and click Save and continue:
    • Deployment model: Resource Manager
    • Location: the target Azure region you intend to use in this lab
    • SKU family: DSv3 Series and DSv2 Series
  10. On the Details blade, specify the new limit for each SKU series and click Next: Review + create:
    • Severity: C – Minimal impact
    • Preferred contact method: choose your preferred option and provide contact details
  11. On the Review + create blade, click Create

Note: Quota increase requests are typically completed during the same business day.


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