Azure IoT

Quickly turn your vision into reality with secure, scalable and open edge-to-cloud Internet of Things solutions. Here is about our implementation of Free WiFi to customers and logistics management implemented for Emirates

Explore the benefits of Azure IoT

Azure IoT provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of services and capabilities that meets you where you are, from the edge to the cloud, according to your needs and with the requirements from your industry.
  • Develope With Choice
  • Secure Data Everywhere
  • Prepare for Future Innovation
  • Power the edge
  • Scale Globally

Simple tools, simple templates, simply open source.

The open approach of Azure IoT places ease of development and integration at the forefront. Connect, monitor and control billions of devices on your terms by choosing to develop with speed and simplicity on a fully managed application platform or build more flexible solutions using robust platform services.

Build and ship apps faster modern application development.

Trust that your data estate is secured from endpoints to the cloud.

Partner with the most proactive leader in IoT security, with the largest portfolio of regulatory and compliance certifications in the industry and maintain control of IoT data, devices and applications. Change security from the thing that keeps you up at night to a strength that can differentiate your products or services from the competition.

Unlock new revenue streams and opportunities through continuously enhanced data, AI and analytics solutions.

Innovation is a journey without end. Microsoft’s bold commitment to sustainability allows you to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems without complexity and resource constraints slowing down your business outcomes.

Spend less time communicating with the cloud and operate more reliably even in extended offline periods with Azure IoT Edge. Deploy complex, high-value AI without writing it in house. AI modules are available via the Azure Marketplace and Azure Certified Device catalogue makes it easy to find devices with advanced edge capabilities to quickly provision and deploy at scale.

Unlock the largest IoT partner ecosystem to scale from proof of concept to global solutions wherever and whenever you are ready.

With datacenters in more global regions, the largest compliance portfolio of any cloud provider and a bold commitment to sustainability, you do not need to choose between quantity and quality when you build IoT solutions on Azure.

What is Azure IoT?

Internet of Things or IoT refers to a collection of managed and platform services across edge and cloud that connect, monitor and control billions of IoT assets. It also includes security and operating systems for devices and equipment, along with data and analytics that help businesses to build, deploy and manage IoT applications. When discussing the Internet of Things, we consider how these services work together across three components:

The physical objects or things, such as industrial equipment, devices or sensors, that connect to the cloud persistently or intermittently.
Information collected by the things, which is analysed and turned into actionable knowledge either by people or AI.
The way people respond to those insights and connect them to their business, as well as the systems and tools they use.